2020 KiDS [not]Blanket Run!

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  • Charity Ride

Thanks to COVID lockdown H.O.G. riders were unable to take part in the annual KiDS Blanket Run, but that didn’t stop all the generous donors from participating in the drive-thru drop-off at various chapters around Gauteng. Cash and blanket donations were received from many riders from different chapters and motorcycle clubs.

The Activities committee of ROC Chapter in Alberton, with the aid of Director Craig and Administrator Linda, collected and purchased additional blankets with funds collected. H.O.G. ROC then delivered blankets safely to needy recipients on a chilly morning in late July. Other South African chapters also undertook their own deliveries to local children in need!

A huge thank you to H.O.G. ROC for co-ordinating the event under lockdown conditions, to all the chapters who took part, and especially the H.O.G.® members who donated blankets so generously. You make the difference to these kids who have absolutely nothing in this world.

Special thanks to Sheldon from ROC Harley-Davidson® dealership for the use of their van to deliver all the blankets, and to Ryan for your support in loading and unloading blankets and driving the support vehicle.

Next year we will be back... stronger than ever.

Photo credits

  • HOGAfrica photographers: Carien & Johan Westcott
  • Alex Boehm and Rene Parker
  • Pierre van Deventer
  • H.O.G. Pretoria Photographic Corps
  • H.O.G. Clearwater Photographic Corps

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More Information
Submitted by HOGAfrica photographers Carien & Johan (Pretoria Chapter at ROC)
H.O.G. Clearwater Chapter at ROC
H.O.G. Gold Rand at ROC. Submitted by Pierre van Deventer
Submitted by: Andy Freeman