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Extended articles (with extra photos!)

Farewell Sue, welcome back Luis!

Farewell Sue, welcome back Luis!

Chapter Organiser: 

After four very exciting years working as the Consumer Experience Manager in Southern Africa, I am returning home to Spain. I will be taking the position the H.O.G.® Experience Manager for the Iberian Peninsula, looking after Spain and Portugal.

You guys make it difficult and sad for me to leave - I will never forget the great friendships, the wonderful riding roads, rallies and events all over the country with lots of dancing, helpful and supporting Harley-Davidson® dealers and a wonderful team at H-D® Africa. You will all be sorely missed!

What comforts me is knowing that you will be in very good hands with Luis Da Silva, who takes over the Southern African Region, in addition to his responsibilities in the Middle East and North African Regions.

Luis has more than 20 years’ experience and has taken part in the launch of many of the SSA H.O.G. Chapters, rallies and memorable events in this region. He was a chapter volunteer for over ten years, and served for two years as a Chapter Director. On top of this, he is one of the best Skilled Rider Trainers I know! 

My email will remain the same and I will be happy to hear from you guys. If anyone is coming over to the Peninsula, let me know so we can organise a memorable riding tour through Spain & Portugal.

Yours, Sue Nagel


And now, I have asked Luis to say some words.
Please welcome him!

Well, I would firstly like to thank you, Sue. We have known each other for many of my 20 years with Harley-Davidson and H.O.G.. You have done a great job in this region, and treated it like your own home. It’s a pleasure to carry on with the great work you have achieved. I am happy to see that your dream and wishes are being realised in your return home to the Iberian Peninsula.

To our Sub Saharan Africa H.O.G. family and Harley-Davidson® dealerships, teams, customers and enthusiasts - I’m back with the region that saw my passion for Harley-Davidson and H.O.G. begin and thrive.

We all have a life event that has marked us and moulded us into who we are. Mine happened 21 years ago when I acquired my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It was a gleaming black 1996 Softail®  Custom, bought from Leigh Haarhoff the sales lady at the time for H-D Johannesburg. I joined the H.O.G. Johannesburg Chapter in 1998, and my H.O.G. volunteer career began. Wow!! Feels like just the other day. I can assure you all, I have enjoyed every single day since then and I'm proud to be associated with two such iconic brands.

I’m looking forward to meeting, working and sharing this wonderful passion and experience with you all. In time, I will visit all the Southern Africa chapters, rallies, tours, dealerships and  events. My region of responsibility has become rather large, so please bear with me!

I am always available to assist, guide and support our H.O.G. Chapter committees, members and enthusiasts and I'm keen to share my experience and passion with you all.

See you all soon.

Luis da Silva

H.O.G.® Inter-Chapter Games

H.O.G.® Inter-Chapter Games


Saturday, 03 March 2018
  • National Event

The 4th Annual Inter-Chapter Games held at Harley-Davidson Pretoria drew a crowd of fiercely competitive participants and enthusiastic supporters from all the Gauteng Chapters!  The various Harley Owners Group® Chapters battled it out for the title of ICG champions in a celebration of the spirit of H.O.G. -  fun and fearless! Ex-Zambezi members supported the games sporting an old Chapter flag - just to remind us who reigned at the Games in 2017!

Congratulations to our winners!

Johannesburg the Conquerors

  • Overall Chapter Winner
  • 1st - Gymkhana: Garth Taylor
  • 1st - Pins & Loops: Hans Vogelsang
  • 1st - Lotto: Myron Blassoples
  • 3rd -  Gymkhana: Myron Blassoples

Pretoria at war - 2nd Place

  • 2nd - Pins & Loops: Stephen Sim
  • 2nd - Waterfall: Eugene De Beer
  • 2nd - Gymkhana: Tiaan Venter
  • 3rd - Pins & Loops: Karl Pailman
  • 3rd - Waterfall: George le Grange

Gold Rand - furiously competitive

  • Highest Scoring Lady - Dianne Silva
  • Gold Rand Chapter won the 2018“Gees Trophy” . It was accepted graciously, with forewarning to Johannesburg Chapter to keep the trophy safe for them until 2019.

And as Awie Krog, Director, stated after reviewing the engineering design of the water slide:  “Best orange gutter-water-slide-recycle-thingy-me-bob ever!”

More about the trials...

  1. Skills Test Ride: This skilled riding course challenged the rider with a variety of tasks to complete on the bike with the best times recorded.

  2. Lot'o Luck: A rider and pillion drew one number from each of 4 containers to make up the lucky number selection for the draw later in the day.  If a rider put down his or her feet, only the numbers already selected were entered.  Missed  containers and dropped numbers did not count.

  3. Pot Shot: Using a small ring, participants maximized the team score by throwing the ring onto the highest scoring pegs.  Of course in true risk reward style, the pegs worth the most are placed further from the bike path.

  4. Water Rush: Each team was given a container with a set amount of water at the beginning of the ride.  The team poured the water into the slide, rode to the outlet pipe and recaptured as much of the water as they could without putting their feet down.

"Leka Bydie Sie" - The Cape Seal Rally

"Leka Bydie Sie" - The Cape Seal Rally

Chapter Organiser: 

  • National Rally

Harley Owners Group® Cape Town Chapter hosted its 3rd annual Seal Rally in Hermanus - the heart of the Cape Whale Coast in December 2017.  It was a huge success with 200 riders and their pillions attending.  South African riders attended from Big Five, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, George, Tygervalley and Cape Town Chapters. We were privileged to be joined by Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owners from Qatar, as well as a large contingent from H.O.G. Oxford Chapter in the UK. 

The Road to Hermanus

After a brief breakfast attended by the Rally Committee and Dealership staff, the first contingent of riders left the Cape Town Dealership around noon on Thursday, 30 November 2017.

Approximately 60 riders arrived at the Windsor Hotel in the late afternoon, and were welcomed by breathtaking views across an endless sapphire-blue ocean.  The Windsor still has the original gables and Sanatorium building from when it was built 118 years ago.  After registration riders chilled at the Rally site which was set up at the historic Gearings Point in Hermanus. The early start meant there was plenty of time to explore this beautiful town.  The locals warmly welcomed the riders with open arms, and were absolutely awed at the throaty roar of so many different Harley® motorcycle models cruising around town.

On Friday, riders and pillions were treated to a pack ride from Gearings Point to Kleinmond Harbour to meet up with the second and third packs who had departed from the Cape Town Dealership after lunch.

Gifts to Go!

Thanks to our generous sponsors and partners, we had the means to provide our registered rally participants a great quality ‘Rally Bag’, filled with expensive ‘spoils’ including a cool collector’s item Rally T-Shirt, flasks, pen-sets, vouchers, something sweet, some Jack, and much more.  Thank you to everyone for their contribution - you made our Cape Seal Rally special.

The Hermanus Youth Band, a talented youth group from the area officially opened the Rally at 17h00 on Friday.  This was an opportunity to showcase their skills to a captive and big-hearted audience.  The teenagers are part of an organization that brings music education to schools in the disadvantaged communities of Overstrand and Overberg.  They provide accredited music training for talented youngsters through targeted training initiatives, learnerships and public performances.

From Thursday up to Saturday attendees gathered, visited and chilled under the festive fairy lights in the H.O.G. rally tent and around the Harley Events Truck.  The tent housed a complete Vendor Village where everyone could relax, have a bite to eat, order drinks and purchase biker paraphernalia.  A number of food and clothing stalls on site kept the visitors shopping busily. Surprise give-aways throughout the Cape Seal Rally kept everyone on their toes.  There was further excitement for riders participating in the Overberg Dice Run, which finished on Saturday.

Gala Dinner

The traditional "Thunder Rumble" mass ride through town ending up at the Birkenhead Brewery for lunch.  There, all the rally patrons kitted themselves out in their finest attire for the Gala Dinner.

The theme at the Gala dinner was appropriately "Harley and the Davidsons - 1903" and a guests dressed to the nines in the finest outfits of the gracious Edwardian era.  We were treated to a superb four-course dinner; raffles were drawn and an auction held.  But the main attraction of the evening was the Awards ceremony where registrants won amazing prizes - weekends away, a sword, vintage wine and other prizes were awarded to the best dressed.

What makes the Cape Seal Rally stand out is that H.O.G. Cape Town chapter members made a concerted effort to spend time with the homeless during the 4 days of the rally.  During these four days we had some great entertainment from ‘Tuxedo’ and ‘Ocean’s Rift’ a local band.  From Ocean View, the rally received superb media coverage from Cape Talk and KFM as well as West Coast Radio . We were thrilled that they covered our Seal Rally and freely broadcast our events on social media.

It was a great finish to the year, with an abundance of energetic fun at Gearings Point where ‘Real’ bikers met for hard partying. Our rally attendees had such fun that some wanted to book in advance for the 2018 Cape Seal Rally! 

A final highlight was the official closure of the 2017 Cape Seal Rally – “The Blessing of the Bikes” which was officiated by the colourful local Anglican priest.

Giving back to Hermanus

H.O.G. Cape Town members returned to Hermanus on 28 January 2018 to hand over a R35 000 cheque to the Hermanus Night Shelter Association.  The generous proceeds were collected from rally registrations, sponsorships, donations from businesses and individuals.  This Shelter was established nine years ago by a group of concerned citizens who identified the need for a shelter for the homeless of Hermanus.  The chapter donation will assist to build a new shelter for the homeless and vulnerable.

  • Article Submission:  Faiza Steyn H.O.G. Cape Town Editor
  • H.O.G. Cape Town Photographer:  Irina Mink
  • Source Photographer:  Malvin Meyer
  • H.O.G. Editor:  Angelique Dermit

Tyger Valley Rocks the Bay! - The West Coast Rally

Tyger Valley Rocks the Bay! - The West Coast Rally

Chapter Organiser: 

  • National Rally

The West Coast of South Africa is known for its fresh fish, quaint fishing villages and pristine beaches.  But once a year, the roar of the waves has to make way for a different kind of thunder – the sound of hundreds of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles roaring up and down the coast.

The occasion was the annual West Coast Rally (WCR), the largest Harley® only rally in Africa.  This year, the destination for the tenth anniversary of the rally – organised by H.O.G. Tyger Valley Chapter – was Lambert’s Bay, also known as the “Diamond of the West Coast” and the centre of South Africa’s rock lobster region.

From 26–28 October 2017 more than 700 Harley-Davidson enthusiasts descended upon Lambert’s Bay to occupy every nook and cranny of the picturesque town to share their passion with their fellow bikers.  Even at the pit stops along the way, including Dockside Café at Langebaan (owned by Harley enthusiasts) and the Elands Bay Hotel, situated right beside the ocean, the bikers already experienced true West Coast hospitality.

Arriving at the West Coast Rally registration office at the Lambert’s Bay Hotel, we were swiftly and efficiently assisted with registrations by the friendly group of volunteers from H.O.G. Tyger Valley Chapter.  Our rally packs were crammed with interesting and essential goodies, from beautiful Rally pins to pratical T-shirts.  And there was a bonus for registered H.O.G.® members, who received a R100 discount voucher sponsored by H.O.G. Africa.  This came in very handy at the Harley-Davidson Tyger Valley pop-up store right next to the registration counter.

Poker Run!

On the Friday, a poker ride offered attendees the opportunity to explore a variety of interesting places and watering holes in the area.  As the main purpose of the Rally was ‘Charity’, one of the stops was the Huis van Liefde (House of Love) Home for the Aged where Chapter Director Annalize Taljaard and Marc Marais (Operations Director of H-D Tyger Valley) handed over a cheque to the management of the home.  This gesture formed part of the Chapter’s commitment to reach out and give back to local communities and institutions that render essential community services.

Another highlight of the Friday’s events was when 101 year-old Mrs JC Gripp, a resident of the Somerkoelte Home for the Aged, was treated to a ride on the back of a Harley-Davidson® Ultra Classic™ motorcycle.  Cladded in proper riding gear the spirited dame climbed onto the couch with very little help from H.O.G. members for her trip through the streets of the town and past her home, with fellow-residents waving at her.  Mrs Gripp’s return to the Rally tent was greeted with a big applause from the crowd who had gathered there for the concourse judging.  Upon questioning as to what her secret was for enjoying such good health at such a ripe old age, Mrs Gripp replied, “The secret is to have a dash of whisky every night before going to bed”.  Festivities in the tent continued long past Mrs Gripp’s departure, with local artists and popular group, The Rockets, providing entertainment into the wee hours of the morning.

Mass Ride

One of the highlights of the Rally was the mass ride on Saturday, departing from the natural harbour.  The local community came out in full force to support the visiting motorcycle enthusiasts who came from afar afield as northern Namibia and even Sweden, China, Germany and Thailand.  It was an incredible feeling being part of the roaring pack as it snaked along the most scenic coastline all the way to neighboring town Elands Bay.  Here the braver members of the riding fraternity showed their mettle in the Harley Games, while others sat back to enjoy a cold one and the spectacular views of the ocean while sampling the local cuisine.

The weekend’s proceedings culminated in Saturday night’s dinner at Die Muisbosskerm, an unique world class award winning open-air restaurant right on the beach.

The highlight of the weekend was the draw for the winner of the incredible Sturgis prize.  The lucky winner who will be attending Sturgis 2018 in the USA is Human Coetzee, a member of the Harley Brotherhood of Cape Town.

The weather was perfect, the organizing excellent and the company unsurpassable.  What more can one ask for in a H.O.G.® Rally?  Besides an entry form to next year’s West Coast Rally?  


  • Article Submission:  Elsabé Barlow (Editor H.O.G. Tyger Valley Chapter)
  • Source Photography:  Focus
  • H.O.G. Editor:  Angelique Dermit

Africa Bike Week™ 2018

Africa Bike Week™ 2018


Thursday, 26 April 2018 to Sunday, 29 April 2018
  • International Event

For the 10th consecutive year, Harley-Davidson® Africa presents the largest free motorcycle event in South Africa, Africa Bike Week™ 2018.

Paid-up H.O.G.® members have some exclusive concessions at ABW 2018.

  • Helmet and Jacket storage facility free of charge for all H.O.G. members.
  • Special prices on the event pin and patch.
  • H.O.G. Zone within the Harley-Davidson® hospitality area to advertise your upcoming rallies and meet up with fellow H.O.G. members.

Remember, you don’t need to be a Chapter member to be an international H.O.G. member. Your H.O.G. membership card gives you entry and seals the deal on any H.O.G. specials.


The event takes place from Thursday 26 April to Sunday 29 April 2018 in Buffalo City Metro in East London.

REGISTER ONLINE for free entrance to all areas (including the main stage) PLUS your competition ticket to WIN A Harley-Davidson® Street Rod®!

Entry to the main stage is free ONLY if you pre-register. If your are not pre-registered, you can still visit the event BUT entry to the main stage area costs R200 and you do not go into the draw for the Harley®!

Bike Activities

  • SuperGP Champions Trophy
  • Monster Energy Flight Night with fiery pyrotechnics, mega Monster Trucks, trial-biking, fire throwing phenomenon
  • BMX & Skate Demos
  • Le Riche Brothers – Trial Bike show
  • Experience the feeling of riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on the riding simulator, the “Jumpstart™”.
  • Mass Ride - create rolling thunder
  • Stuck as a pillion? Get a personalised free lesson from expert trainer Brent of Bike Savvy!
  • Dealer Demo Rides & Fashion show
  • Custom Bike Show
  • Jeep demo drives and displays
  • Tattoos and face painting


Entertainment will be a key highlight for Africa Bike Week™  2018 with live performances by a host of top bands and entertainers. 

There are live entertainers on the main stage throughout the event including Black Cat Bones, December Streets, Parlotones, Hellcats Grassy Spark. See the Africa Bike Week website for details.

As in previous years, Africa Bike Week™  is open to all Harley-Davidson riders and enthusiasts, riders of all motorcycle brands, as well as all other visitors. Ride and have fun, enjoy great entertainment, admire bikes on the main beach road, meet old friends and create new ones.  

Save the long weekend dates and join Harley-Davidson for an iconic event in East London!  

Live your legend with Harley-Davidson.

About Harley-Davidson® Motor Company

Since 1903, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit www.h-d.com

Meet the legendary "Old HOGs" of Clearwater

Meet the legendary "Old HOGs" of Clearwater

Chapter Organiser: 

Early in 2014, Pieter van Niekerk and Ron Harding decided to start riding every Wednesday, and to invite anyone from the H.O.G. Clearwater Chapter to join them!  Pieter was the Patriarch of the Old Hogs and is known as a legend within the biking fraternity.

I asked Pieter to write, in his own words, how the Old Hogs started and share some experiences:



My name is Pieter van Niekerk. My friend Ron and I decided to ride our Harley® motorcycles every Wednesday.  It was all due to a chance discussion between two old friends - little did we know it would grow so quickly into a new venture that would enhance the lives of so many Harley-Davidson® owners who wanted to ride more often.

My wife and I had by then concluded a quest to ride the circumference of Australia on a motorcycle, and after that I decided that any ride would be a breeze. We decided on Wednesdays because Ron was still doing 30 km on his bicycle every Tuesday and Thursday.  Quite a feat for a 77 year old!

We agreed that the only rule was that there were no rules, no destination and no pre-planning.  We got onto our bikes and rode wherever the road took us.

We normally left early in the morning and returned home about lunchtime, having ridden between 300 to 500 kilometres.As we rode we mapped our route on H.O.G. Clearwater Facebook page, and in no time we had quite a following: they followed us getting lost, stuck in a corn field, chasing after a beer truck and many other follies that seemed to follow us around.

Some days we lost track of time, and getting home very late one afternoon after chasing our tails for more than 500 km, we encounter Ron’s wife, tracing our route.  She was concerned that he was lying in a ditch somewhere and was looking for an accident scene, as wearily we got home to some hostile domestic scenes.

At least we got home - not like another friend who failed to go home and eventually when he got the courage to do so, found his wife had divorced him.

Over time, we also completed several rallies together. Once Ron left for home on his own, and did 1000 km on one go.  The next day he did another 600 km.

We were eventually joined by others and gave our troupe a name, “The Old Hogs,” complete with a badge.  Lady Riders are welcome and some of the younger generation of women riders joined us in the knowledge that the Old Geezers were safe to be with.  We even imparted with some knowledge and wisdom on how to ride.  It entailed not looking at the speedometer and opening the throttle.

Some of the younger generation even took sick leave or found an excuse not to go to work in order to join us on a Wednesday ride.

Sadly my wife and I moved to greener pastures in the Southern Cape for me to concentrate more on writing.  We left some very capable people like Derick Brits behind who, together with the likes of Ron and Joe, has taken the Old Hogs to "new heights”.

Pieter left us in September 2015 and moved to Stilbaai.  We still visit often and many Old Hogs stop over when they are on Road trips.  Always a lot of fun and laughter at these get-togethers.

The weekly Wednesday riding continued.  Come rain, hail or shine we ride every Wednesday at nine (that’s if we remember and weather permits).

Many of the older, true bikers come from the Superbike groups and they feel that a more relaxing cruise is now safer.  They love open country roads, beautiful scenery, meeting people with the same passion for riding and off course they adore owning a Harley-Davidson.  For the majority of people, if you are eventually allowed to buy a Harley-Davidson by your spouse, many years have passed and you are no longer a young man/woman.  In your mind you become “young” again.

Our unwritten “rules” are simple:

  • Your ride - your Harley-Davidson - needs to be fueled and ready for some hard riding (on average our Wednesday rides are between 150-320km – I did 60 000km in 2 years).
  • You must have fun
  • You will believe and abide by the Old School biker rules – Respect, Honesty, Honour, Loyalty, Integrity, Trust, Courtesy and Charity.
  • You need approval from your spouse that you may be home late as we do get lost.

We do not ride because it is fashionable to do so.  We ride because it’s adventurous, fun and the freedom you feel when you are exposed to the elements.  There is a bond between these brothers and sisters whom all have the same passion for riding a Harley-Davidson.

Every Wednesday morning the cheerful Old Hogs gather at the Harley-Davidson Clearwater Dealership to meet up with their friends to take a ride into the countryside.  The venue is never known and is decided while we ride or just before we leave – new venues are welcome.  A weekly “Old Hogs on the road” picture is taken before we depart.  Smoke breaks and comfort breaks are important and we make sure we don’t miss these…(Ouderdom??)  A lot of wisdom is shared between the Old Hogs and we regularly solve all the problems in our Country – ok then!!

The Old Hogs support the Clearwater Chapter rallies and rides but we also do our own adventure trips such as the Kruger Game reserve ride, the Battlefields in Natal to mention a few – Roel Strausebach and Barrie Peters normally arrange these.  All our adventures are documented and posted on Facebook on the H.O.G. Clearwater Chapter page.

Bethany House gave me a call a while ago where they were having a shortage of Powder milk for the babies and the Old Hogs collected money between themselves and we delivered those promptly.  We were also asked to drop off some blankets donated by the Clearwater Chapter members which we did.  There were lots of tears, when the “Ouma’s and Oupa’s” held the little babies and toddlers – awesome days which we will never forget.

As a visitor that rode with us said on social media (yes, we're pretty slick on social media):

“I can’t remember when last I had to concentrate so hard for over 300km.  These Oom’s don’t play, they.. (very descriptive word).  You Toppies are like the tannie with brandy over her Xmas koek – awesome! #Respect!”

In closing, the Old Hogs are a group of H.O.G. Clearwater members who have achieved what they wanted in life (near or on pension) and now only want to ride with like-minded friends who have a similar passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, having fun and a weekly laugh.

An Old Hog is young at heart and has a minimum of 55 years of life experience.  He or she is an experienced rider, believes and lives Old School values, loves open country roads with beautiful scenery, enjoys meeting people with the same passion for riding and of course they adore owning a Harley Davidson.  Everyone is welcome to ride but to be patched you'll need an ID or Pensioner Card to seal the deal) :-)

To those that will be riding in the coming weeks - Enjoy, have fun and keep safe out there!!

  • Author:  Derick Brits
  • Contributing Author:  Pieter Van Niekerk

Island Ride - V-Twin meets horse-power

Island Ride - V-Twin meets horse-power

Chapter Organiser: 

In Mauritius riding your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is always a special occasion for members, but on a hot Sunday in Summer 2017, riding was going to be even more exciting. October ride organisers - Pierre-Yves Roten, alias “Flint Stone”- Director, Victor Mendes-Assistant Director and Dominique Crepet - put their heads together and conjured the brilliant idea of bringing together V-Twins and actual horse-power, a real “premiere”.

The day started with the gathering of excited participants at our usual meeting point.  After a warm welcome from Victor, the briefing took place and it was then with much anticipation, time for the ride with an exceptional difference.

In perfect weather conditions, the outride took around two hours as we traveled along awesome curvy roads in the Chamarel Region and the South West of the Island.  Our route took us toward the Peninsula Le Morne - a World Heritage Site and home to the international slave route monument. 

Meeting the horses

Finally -  we reached our destination - the beach at Le Morne.  After parking our H-D® motorcycles and a quick welcome drink, it was time to meet the “horsepower “.  All participants were provided the opportunity to ride on horseback thanks to the kindness of the “ Haras Du Morne “ who provided several horses for the enjoyment of our members. Kicking up a fine spray of white Mauritian beach sand under hoof, the horses galloped playfully across the beach. It was a feeling of pure delight to steer these magnificent animals through the shallow waters of the ocean.

For many of the participants this was their first horseback riding experience and based on the smiles on everyone’s faces, this was a truly unforgettable experience!  One could clearly see the delight  in their eyes - that feeling of riding and freedom, as well as the joy of sharing the day with our Harley Owners Group® family. 

Horses and motorcycles both elicit incredible pleasure.  Each inspires feelings of a close relationship, respect and passion.  Both can be temperamental and need a relaxed body posture and soft touch to throttle or rein.  As you ride, you feel the vibration run through you, and enjoy sense of raw power.

To top off the day, Director “Flint Stone” played the role of “chef de cuisine, expertly preparing a giant dish of seafood paella right on the beach.  The magical aromas were enough to entice members away from our mechanical and equine steeds. In a tribute to the chef's culinary skills, there were no left overs…

In Mauritius nothing is impossible and it will continue to be as such for our H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter.  So if you come to Mauritius, do not hesitate to contact us and to join in the fun!

We invite all members to join an exceptional ride out for the day.
V-TWIN meets Horsepower

Hallo de H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter, Venez visiter et joignez-vous au plaisir !
(Hello from H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter come visit and join in the fun !)

  • Submission:  Pierre-Yves Roten, Director, H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter
  • H.O.G. Editor:  Angelique Dermit

K.i.D.S. Blanket Run 2018

K.i.D.S. Blanket Run 2018


Sunday, 17 May 2020

Chapter Organiser: 

  • National Event

The annual K.i.D.S Blanket Run of the Harley Owners Group® is a heartwarming example of the hands-on charity projects regularly undertaken by H.O.G. Chapters.

It all started with a group of Chapter members just over 10 years ago. Rather than passively discussing the bitterly cold Highveld winter, they motivated members to get together some blankets and went onto the inner city streets of Johannesburg and delivered them to the people who needed them the most. People - and especially children - living on the streets in the cold.

The next year many more Chapter members asked to join the group and by the third year, the ride and support was substantive enough that the first official Kids in Dire Straits (K.i.D.S.) blanket run was organised.

It has developed into an event for all bikers and is supported by every H.O.G. Chapter, riding association, many MC’s with loads of every day riders joining in. In Gauteng, the local H.O.G. Chapters support extends to not only with their members joining for the ride and donating blankets but with the joint effort of the five Chapters marshal teams to marshal an event drawing over 1400 motorcycles for a mass ride event focussed purely on blankets for the needy.

Safety First - Packing it in!

Safety First - Packing it in!

Owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle means embracing the open road. Before you know it, you will find yourself on every kind of ride - from short road trips and one-nighters to longer rallies, an "Iron Butt" or two and then graduating to a tour of South Africa.  All these require luggage! Seasoned riders seem to have little difficulty packing as they learn the tricks through trial and error. 

For all the "Newbies" traveling by motorcycle, here are some tips to set you on your way.  It is more difficult for ladies to pack than gents - not only do we still have all our hair, we like to smell and look nice when we reach our destination! Ladies remember when you're riding a bike, pack like a gent - light and easy.

Luckily, Harley-Davidson Touring models are designed for packing it in and come standard with panniers and top boxes.  Other models require saddlebags or luggage racks.

Safety & Loading the motorcycle

Motorcycles have weight limits, don't overload, load bikes carefully packing as close to the centre of the bike as possible.  Distribute weight evenly on each side and pack low and towards the tank. Packing high may interfere with the overall imbalance of the motorcycle making the bike top heavy and unsteady.

A trial run in packing and riding prior to a long ride allows you to make sure you are comfortable and packed correctly, and if not you can make the changes straight away.  It is important to tie down your luggage securely and tight with Hog Ties™.

  • Adjust your tyre pressures for the additional load you are going to carry, if tyres are under-inflated they generate excessive heat which can cause a blowout
  • Always check the tyre pressure when the tyre is cold
  • Increase the tyre pressure to compensate for the heavier load and adjust the suspension according to the packed weight
  • Check the aim of the headlamp after weight has been added to the motorcycle
  • Your braking distance will increase. Keep a safe distance - sudden stops may shift a tied down load unexpectedly if not secured properly
  • Check with your closest Harley-Davidson Dealership who may offer a 10-20 point motorcycle check prior to rallies
  • Pack reflective rain gear and emergency supplies towards the top for easy access

TIP:  Forgot your rain suit and caught in a storm?  Use dustbin bags as makeshift raincoats, plastic bags fit well over boots and domestic rubber gloves will keep your leather gloves dry.  When caught in unexpected cold weather, dig into you medical kit and use the latex surgical gloves or ask for a pair of plastic gloves at the deli counter at the first available stop.

Emergency Numbers

Always carry a pen and small notepad, include emergency numbers for hospitals within your travel zone.

  • Medical aid details
  • Motorcycle repair/assist contact details
  • Motorcycle insurance details
  • Emergency contacts - doctor & family
  • Current medications, allergies and medical conditions for each rider
  • Prescribed medicines plus copy of script

Medical Bag

Keep in mind most insignificant medication may be the one that saves you from spoiling your holiday.  The medical bag must contain vital medicines; remember these are items packed in small quantities, don't forget to replenish them if used - preferably in the next town and not at the end of the trip.  Pill boxes are great, but to save space you can pack items in the smallest zip seal bags you can find. 

Your medical bag & tool kit is critical - provided list fits into a scaled down Medical Kit (13cm x 8cm x 6cm bag).

  • 2 pairs of Surgical Gloves/Finger gloves
  • 2 x 25cm Splints (Velcro underneath pannier lids)
  • 3 Rolls 7.5cm x 2.5m gauze bandages
  • 3 Gauze Pads, 5-8cm x 5-8cm
  • Small Scissors
  • 4 Medium sized Band Aids
  • 1 Burn Dressing
  • 2 Earbuds
  • 1 "Infectious Waste" Bag
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • Tweezers
  • Pocket knife
  • Matches
  • CPR Mouthpiece
  • Medical adhesive tape
  • Universal disinfectant spray
  • Allergy tablets
  • Tablets for stomach cramps & diarrhoea
  • Nausea tablets
  • Indigestion tablets
  • Flu tablets/sachets
  • Sore throat lozenges
  • Pain killers
  • Rub for muscle cramps
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Small torch

Clever space savers

  • A roll bag strapped to the motorcycle saves rummaging through clothing to get to the items when needed in an emergency or pack them last into your saddlebags. 
  • Struggling with bulky tubes of salves, toothpaste and non-flammable liquids?  Cut  large drinking straws to size, inject liquids and pastes and then heat seal to save space.
  • 25cm Splints can fit underneath pannier lid with Velcro strips and a 25cm mini fire extinguisher under the opposite pannier lid.

Tool Kit  

These items fits into a bag of 12cm x 9cm x 4cm.

  • Paper funnel
  • Electrical tape
  • Cable Ties (long thick & medium ties)
  • Small roll thick wire
  • Replacement fuses
  • Small roll thin wire
  • Long nose pliers
  • Harley-Davidson multi-tool set
  • Side cutters
  • Badge locks & Allen key
  • Double sided tape
  • Spare turn signal bulb
  • Small Multi tool set
  • Visor clear

Share these larger items between friends to carry.

  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Jump Start/Booster Pack
  • Emergency tyre repair kits
  • A tubeless tyre repair kit with 3 CO2 canisters (fits in the above size bag with listed items)

Watch Packing for a Week on YouTube by Caronyn Jackson just to proof how much you can actually fit into the Harley-Davidson® Touring Bag.


If this was your aim, it is not impossible

Personal items

Don't neglect the "luxuries" - you want to look and feel great wherever you stop!  Store small quantities in mini-containers.

  • Sun block
  • Insect repellent
  • Emergency cash
  • GPS (or ensure enough airtime & data on cell)
  • Spare key
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana (can be used to tie hair)
  • Travellers tote bag for daytime use
  • Sewing kit
  • Ladies nail repair kit & jewel bond
  • Hair brush & **hair products i.e. gel, etc.
  • Toiletries i.e. shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush & paste, razor, body wash, deodorant, perfume, etc.
  • Make-up set
  • Packet of pocket tissues
  • Cables & Chargers for electronics, multipurpose adaptor

Think ahead

  • Check that credit cards, petrol cards and cellular phones have ample credit and have not expired prior to a long trip
  • Distribute your cash in different areas to avoid losing all your cash if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen  
  • A spare key or fob in your riding jacket saved quite a few riders from being stranded before
  • Have your medical aid card and emergency contact details written down and at hand 
  • The emergency capsule is one item that is not overlooked in any emergency; keep yours clearly visible tied to a zipper on your jacket.

Space saving on clothing

Make a list of items, less is more.  Share consumable items with your partner such as toothpaste, shampoo & body wash.  Compare your list with fellow riders; duplicate items such as a hairdryer can be shared.  Share larger essential emergency repair tools between the motorcycles i.e. jumper cables/jump start kit, oil & puncture repair kit.

  • Zip seal sandwich bags for loose items such as toiletries and charging systems are more pliable and can be tucked into small spaces
  • Roll items of clothing tightly instead of folding
  • Fit shower caps around the base of shoes
  • Synthetic underwear & polyester T-shirts (they dry quickest).  Pack T-shirts rather than long sleeve shirts (an all weather jacket can be worn over T-shirts on cooler days)
  • When riding with winter gloves, remember to pack a summer pair
  • Sneakers take up a lot of space rather invest in comfortable sandals or slip-ons
  • Pack really old clothing to wear, chuck it away after and you will have space to bring back new items purchased on the trip
  • Pack two tops for every bottom, and pack lighter colors inside out to keep them clean
  • Denims can be worn more than once without wash
  • A fashionable leather trim Harley-Davidson FXRG Switchback Riding Jacket is a good investment with its waterproof and heat reflective liner system & protective riding chaps (these can be rolled and fastened to the motorcycle)

Don’t forget to pack the handy mini cleaning kits offered by the H-D dealers to wash the dust off and shine your pride and joy on arrival at your destination!

Check with the accommodation venue for items supplied with the room.  If (when) you have forgotten an item at home, check with the hotel front desk - they may have small samples available.

Now you're ready to go - safe travels!

  • Extracts for safety and loading tips provided by Harley-Davidson

H.O.G. Breede River's Winter Rally

H.O.G. Breede River's Winter Rally


Thursday, 23 August 2018 to Sunday, 26 August 2018

Chapter Organiser: 

  • National Rally

The H.O.G. Breede River Chapter will once again host their annual Breede River Rally from 23-26  August 2018. They invite all Harley-Davidson Riders to join them to “Experience Winter” in the Klein Karoo.

Oudtshoorn is surrounded by mountains on all sides with the Klein Karoo as an oasis in a fertile valley surrounded by the Swartberg and Outeniqua mountain ranges.   Every road leading into Oudtshoorn follows a gloriously picturesque pass, all of which present riders with a stunningly scenic drive through this unspoilt area of natural beauty and rare fynbos, the Protea being the most popular.

Outdshoorn boasts the most sunny days per year in the whole country! So even in winter, we can expect sunshine, blue skies and the warm friendly hospitality of the town’s residents.


For a R2 850 per person sharing or R3 390 (Single Rate) you will experience winter in the Klein Karoo with its breathtaking scenery, unique cuisine and famous wines.

Rally fee includes:

  • Entrance to Rally site, Pin and Rally Pack
  • Accommodation x 3 nights p/p per person (sharing);  Breakfast x3 and Dinner x3)

No day passes - booking must be from Thursday to Sunday.

Limited entries are available. Entries close for Rally packs on 31 July 2018.

Kleinplaas website: www.kleinplaas.co.za. For your convenience, Breede River H.O.G. will book the accommodation.

Please complete the registration form and send back to: lstrauss@breede.co.za . We will invoice you and please send us your proof of payment to confirm your entry. 

Let’s experience winter in the Klein Karoo!!