Farewell Sue, welcome back Luis!

Chapter Organiser: 

After four very exciting years working as the Consumer Experience Manager in Southern Africa, I am returning home to Spain. I will be taking the position the H.O.G.® Experience Manager for the Iberian Peninsula, looking after Spain and Portugal.

You guys make it difficult and sad for me to leave - I will never forget the great friendships, the wonderful riding roads, rallies and events all over the country with lots of dancing, helpful and supporting Harley-Davidson® dealers and a wonderful team at H-D® Africa. You will all be sorely missed!

What comforts me is knowing that you will be in very good hands with Luis Da Silva, who takes over the Southern African Region, in addition to his responsibilities in the Middle East and North African Regions.

Luis has more than 20 years’ experience and has taken part in the launch of many of the SSA H.O.G. Chapters, rallies and memorable events in this region. He was a chapter volunteer for over ten years, and served for two years as a Chapter Director. On top of this, he is one of the best Skilled Rider Trainers I know! 

My email will remain the same and I will be happy to hear from you guys. If anyone is coming over to the Peninsula, let me know so we can organise a memorable riding tour through Spain & Portugal.

Yours, Sue Nagel


And now, I have asked Luis to say some words.
Please welcome him!

Well, I would firstly like to thank you, Sue. We have known each other for many of my 20 years with Harley-Davidson and H.O.G.. You have done a great job in this region, and treated it like your own home. It’s a pleasure to carry on with the great work you have achieved. I am happy to see that your dream and wishes are being realised in your return home to the Iberian Peninsula.

To our Sub Saharan Africa H.O.G. family and Harley-Davidson® dealerships, teams, customers and enthusiasts - I’m back with the region that saw my passion for Harley-Davidson and H.O.G. begin and thrive.

We all have a life event that has marked us and moulded us into who we are. Mine happened 21 years ago when I acquired my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It was a gleaming black 1996 Softail®  Custom, bought from Leigh Haarhoff the sales lady at the time for H-D Johannesburg. I joined the H.O.G. Johannesburg Chapter in 1998, and my H.O.G. volunteer career began. Wow!! Feels like just the other day. I can assure you all, I have enjoyed every single day since then and I'm proud to be associated with two such iconic brands.

I’m looking forward to meeting, working and sharing this wonderful passion and experience with you all. In time, I will visit all the Southern Africa chapters, rallies, tours, dealerships and  events. My region of responsibility has become rather large, so please bear with me!

I am always available to assist, guide and support our H.O.G. Chapter committees, members and enthusiasts and I'm keen to share my experience and passion with you all.

See you all soon.

Luis da Silva