H.O.G.® chapters celebrate year end!

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Harley Owners Group chapters across the country organised all kinds of fun year-end celebrations to bring 2016 to a close in style.

H.O.G.® Johannesburg Chapter

“Back To Your Roots” Johannesburg Chapter held their themed Year End Function at Mojo’s Zoo Lake. Dean Addison, Director of H.O.G. Johannesburg prepared a short speech about what is in store for members in 2017, the view for the Chapter moving forward in the coming year and supporting of all Chapters. Prize giving as always a proud moment for those whose dedication to the Chapter has not been overlooked. A buffet supper, Indian Hand Wash, African face painting and lots of dancing took place.

  • Submitted by: Marchell Van Niekerk
  • H.O.G.® photographers: Jose Rebordao & Joe Pieterse


H.O.G.® Limpopo Chapter

Hi Hi Hippie Hooray!!!!

Wat ‘n Fantastiese Jaareind was dit nie alweer vir ons Chapter nie!?

Nege en dertig lede woon ons 2016 HOG Limpopo Jaarafsluiting by, te Grand Hotel naby Tarentaalrand – ‘n oulike venue!

In 39 grade Celsius het ons klomp heerlik ontspan in die GROOT & DIEP swembad – dit was ‘n heerlike lafenis na die warm ry, na die Laeveld.

Die Tzaneen fietse wat ons klomp kom verwelkom het by Iron Crown die middag, terwyl die ander baie gesweet het om ons venue mooi te maak – dankbaar vir julle!!

Die aand se verrigtinge het sommer vroeg-vroeg begin en met die intrapslag het fotograwe Mike & Hester ons onder ‘kamera’ gehad en almal deeglik afgeneem in die ‘Golden Hour’ om elkeen se moeite gedoen - vir ewig vas te lê in die oomblik!

Jinne, kan goeie vriende sooooo LEKKER kuier en net wees!!!!??

  • Die prys vir die bes-geklede Lady of Harley® het gegaan aan Dina Pretorius;
  • Die best dressed guy het gegaan aan Benhardt Steyn – well done julle – ons almal het werklik gelyk soos uit die egte Hippie era en dit het gekook – letterlik en figuurlik!

Na ‘n fantastiese ete het omtrent almal weer daai lieflike swembad betree…….Splash-Splash is elkeen goed afgekoel en ons het gedans (of gehop ;-) tot laaaaat die aand op die maat van die musiek uit die Hippie era!!

Na ‘n heerlike nagrus in gerieflike groot kamers en ‘n ordentlike groot ontbyt, het die ‘pack’ vertrek – net voor die son kon water trek – want ons het mos nou gister ons les geleer.….

Die Berg was ‘n verfrissende koel ry terug na Polokwane en almal is veilig uit en tuis na ‘n aller-heerlike naweek van lag, saamkuier, gesels, opvang, uitvang en nog meer lag en gesels!!

  • Artikel plasing: Linda Liebenberg
  • H.O.G.® fotograaf: Hester Van Der Spuy

H.O.G. Pretoria Chapter

After a week of pouring rain, Pretoria Chapter was blessed with their one-nighter year-end party at Hunters Rest Hotel Rustenburg with clear sunny skies. Themed “Out Of Africa” décor complimented the dinner tables and all thanked their lucky stars for the Ladies Of Harley® that can do magic and present the most stunning tables.

As Rustenburg was not that far from Pretoria the pack took a somewhat roundabout route, missed the entrance gate and had to make a hasty U-turn and what was described as a small piece of hard packed gravel road turned into a Safe Rider Skills course obviously passed by all as P-Town can do 4x4 on Harleys®, true it’s been proven!

Not booking into rooms early was no hassle, everyone just dumped their baggage next to the pool and bee lined for the brollies and loungers to sip long colourful drinks. Once settled more than just a few landed up in the invitingly tepid water of the pool, floating around on lillo’s playing silly with each other, yep the H.O.G. had their own zoo in pool frolic participation from white belly sharks to elephants and a female beached whale, not to forget those who tested if Harley-Davidson® tekkies can drag you down to the bottom of the pool. A build a burger lunch and ice buckets full of ice cream in any flavour, shape and size to cool down before the evening’s proceedings. Even more exciting for each and everyone was to open up the gift bags and inspect the content, plenty exciting gifts.

Never underestimate the love of being photographed. With two photographers on duty there were a multitude of photo’s being taken posing with partners, groupies, funny poses and those lonesome men who seeming that Pretoria Chapter is overrun with women had quite a few to decorate their pictures except Keith Lee he only had Bennie who offered his services.

Announcements, congratulations and thank you’s were kept short but certainly not the favourite part of such event – prize giving. Oh Boy did Hunters Rest cater, they had food to feed an army everyone truly enjoyed their meal, once again buckets of ice cream made their appearance and if H.O.G.s were kids in a candy store this was the best way to keep them subdued for ten minutes. The evening turned out to be warm and the party quickly moved out onto the terrace with itchy feet partners running between the dance floor and chattering friends outside.The initial arrangement was to leave for home the next day after breakfast, well some had breakfast and left for home while others slept in very late and left for home a day later. And so the Harley Owners Group Pretoria Chapters year came to a close, full of events and changes but after all going strong in fun filled rides and events.

  • Submitted by: Angelique Dermit
  • Photographer: Angelique Dermit
H.O.G. Johannesburg
H.O.G. Johannesburg
H.O.G. Johannesburg
H.O.G. Limpopo
H.O.G. Limpopo
H.O.G. Pretoria
H.O.G. Pretoria
H.O.G. Pretoria
H.O.G. Pretoria