H.O.G.® Riders Digest - Issue 2018-01

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Your guide to rallies, events, H.O.G.® member news, views & interviews in Southern Africa.

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In this issue

  • H.O.G. Big Five: Mbombela Rally
  • Chapters In focus with photos from Breede River, Cape Town, Clearwater, Johannesburg, & Namibia & Zambezi Chapters
  • H.O.G. Zambezi: Rally of Legends
  • 2018 Bike Demos at Red Star Raceway
  • Harley Officer Training 2018
  • Safety: Symptoms and Treatment of Dehydration
  • Charity Rides
    • H.O.G. Cape Town: Shavinator Charity Ride
    • H.O.G. Zambezi: Santa Ride
    • H.O.G. Johannesburg: Rockin Paws Ride
  • Featured Upcoming Event: 1903 Clarens Rally
  • Events Announcements:
    • ABW 2018, H.O.G.
    • Namibia's Thunder Days Rally
    • The Inter-Chapter Games

For the Next Issue

  • Chapters - please send us your best Toy Run Photos! All photographers will be acknowledged!


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Extended Stories and Extra photos

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