H.O.G.®'s International Female Ride Day


Wednesday, 29 June 2016
  • National Event

International Female Ride Day® (IFRD) initiated by motorcycling advocate, owner and founder of MOTORESS®, promoted “Just Ride” initially as a national event when introduced in Canada on 1 May 2007. “Just Ride” quickly went global within the first year, where after thousands of women embraced the idea to participate in the ride every first Saturday in May annually.

The number of woman motorcyclists has vastly increased over the years and International Female Ride Day promotes women motorcycling. Even though many females ride their motorcycles daily it is that special day in the year allocated where females unite in friendship enjoying and sharing their passion in celebration with all brands of motorcycles.

Enthusiastically Harley Owners Groups® Ladies Of Harley would not let an opportunity for a celebrating ride go unattended. Each Chapter gathered their females, invited all lady bikers no matter the brand of motorcycle and planned a route that led them in full public view to encourage women to ride.

At H.O.G.® Zambezi Chapter the object of the day was: To have fun! Even though the name would suggest that this was a female only ride, this was not the case as even men were welcome. Men and women alike were asked to wear something pink, and oh boy, it was the men that had the most fun doing so!

Harley Owners Group® Pretoria Chapter had a full count of forty excited female riders in attendance, as pink was the colour of the day the ladies donned hats, gloves, ties, scarves and bandanas to bring home the message.

With their own trained female marshals, Biker Buddies and Safety Officers on duty, Lady Bikers S.A., made the day even more special with certification and scrolls appointing trained female marshals from Pretoria Cornelle, Annatjie, Marionette and Mary as Lady Bikers S.A., Road Marshals in the Pretoria Area as well as Angelique as Lady Bikers S.A., Photographer. These females are honoured and will always strive to perform their duties to perfection.

Riders gathered at Harley-Davidson® Zambezi to enjoy a hot cup of java before the start of the 100 km mass ride. There was a sea of bikes of different shapes, sizes and models, the one thing that they all had in common - The owners who love to ride.

The group of riders departed at 10:30 on route via the streets of Pretoria creating awareness and visibility. The roaring sounds of engines could be heard for miles and the pink and purple balloons tied to the motorcycles drew a lot of attention from bystanders.

To all our biking Sisters out there no matter what you ride, how or when you ride, feel the freedom, love it and live it! The message sent by Annamie surrounded by thirty nine of her own sisterhood from H.O.G.® Pretoria Chapter.

Proudly showing off the South African flag to the rest of the world - women in South Africa is in full support of International Female Ride Day! And to commemorate the success of International Female Ride Day all participants received a pin at Zambezi Chapter.

No better completing a day where a massive buffet breakfast at the Royal Elephant Hotel in Centurion, Pretoria was served to the ladies of H.O.G.® Pretoria where after they returned to the Pretoria Dealership announcing their arrival noisily to the men who awaited their return. As for H.O.G.® Zambezi ladies, they returned to dealership at 12:30 where the after party commenced with live music, food and beverage.

Most certainly the International Female Ride Day will be on agenda once again next year, as approximately three hundred and twenty five ladies in nine towns participated a definite increase are expected in 2017.

Article Submitted by: Angelique Dermit & Hester Marais

Photographers: Angelique Dermit & Hilda De Bruyn

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