H.O.G. Gold Rand's Swazi Rally 2017

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  • National Rally

H.O.G. Gold Rand representatives excitedly started planning the 2017 Swaziland Rally as early as from October 2016 ensuring value to the organisation of the annual H.O.G. Gold Rand Chapter Rally. Not an easy road as any Rally events team can testify, but so worthwhile when hard work pays off. Team work and input from all parties involved by sharing opinions and expertise, learning from previous years to better each year is part of bringing success to any organized Rally.

A long stretch to Swaziland with a scenic route carefully planned marshalled by Road Captain Fred Smit and Marshals Corp. team. It was a rainy Swazi Rally from Friday all the way through to Sunday, those riders who never before rode kilometres in the rain certainly had a better part of a wet Rally. Most managed to join the planned out rides on Friday and Saturday when the skies cleared enough, however a brave few who had ventured out later the day had to done rain suits to further explore and ride along the lovely winding roads in Swaziland.

Known by the siSwati name of Ligugu Lemswati meaning “the pride of the Swazi people”, the Mantenga Cultural Village comprising of sixteen beehive shaped grass and reed huts is a living museum representing the traditional Swazi way of life in the 1850s. The village enable all Swazis to visit in order to maintain a interest in their cultural heritage and language and provide a forum for display of Swazi customs, rituals, dance, music, folklore, arts and crafts. Members of the visiting group were enticed to join in the fun being taught the cultural dance, a truly worthwhile excursion.

There is a terrain of mountains encircling Swaziland, resembling a crocodile, and at the base of this mountain lies the world’s most ancient iron ore mine dating back 43000 years. There situated the Ngwenya Glass factory proved a unique visiting experience, a gifted group of artisans shape and mould glass into various animal species, breathing life into their creations with amazing personalities.

Maguga Lodge sits in the heart of the Hhohho Region in Swaziland on the edge of the spectacular Maguga Dam. Nsangwini Bushman Paintings, Tintsaba Craft and Pigg’s Peak Casino were all within close proximity and for Rally attendees a golden opportunity to explore the region on their own.

Prize giving on Saturday evening’s main event produced some good laughs at some of the prizes handed out even the Director and Assistant Director received prizes of their own.

Members who joined from Harley Owners Group® Johannesburg and Big Five Chapter were great fun and together with Gold Rand Chapter had an amazing time together their support was appreciated.

  • Article Submission: Cheryl Rautenbach and Ogies Van Niekerk
  • Photographer: Ogies Van Niekerk
  • Editor: Angelique Dermit