Reportback on H.O.G.® Bloem's Greystone Rally

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Jeff Foxworthy would have had more than enough material for a hundred different comedy shows if he joined the Harley Owners Group® Bloemfontein Chapter during the first weekend of October 2016.

The fifth annual Greystone Rally held at Aldam Estate, was themed “Hillbilly Redneck” and gave opportunity to all Rally-goers to unleash their hidden inner Redneck.

You might be a redneck…

“The purpose of the Rally and as well as that of the Redneck theme, was really to create a fun experience and to get everyone in attendance to relax and enjoy themselves” said Pieter Swanepoel, Director of the Harley Owners Group® Bloemfontein Chapter. According to Pieter that was exactly what the Rally Committee achieved and feedback from the riders were overwhelmingly positive.

Susan Marsden quoted the rally was awesome and memories were created that will last forever!

“When I saw the programme for the weekend I decided to unfriend my mother on social media”, one fellow Harley Owners Group® member, who wished to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, confessed.

Mervin Shkaidy, one of the country’s most enthusiastic riders, commented the Rally was “Extremely well organized and that it was truly memorable, a different experience altogether “.

Festivities included a live band, mass ride to the little town of Winburg where all proceeds was donated to their old age home. Members of the Rally Committee, who were inspired by their visit to the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, adapted some new games maximizing the level of laughter.

The Redneck Games included

  • a wheelbarrow race around the pool where most ended up unwillingly due to bad driving skills, and even a possible award winning Maroela Boom Performance by the rally committee.
  • lawnmower racing wearing some very attractive bloomers and
  • a toilet seat tossing competition!

As for slow riding skills, those who ended up horizontal last year with their motorcycles during Harley® Games, a Rider Skills Training course invite was sent out after Greystone 2015, but said Hillbillies did not appear for another bout of mow the lawn with your teeth this year.

Others proved a Hillbilly can look super cool on a Harley®, showing off the latest fashion of Hillbilly “I wear a jean pant” summer wear whilst mastering the art of not having their bare legs burn against overheated pipes.

Needless to say some of the best future designers in Harley® clothing sported their designs for first prize with the decorative brazier competition.

“Harley-Davidson® Bloemfontein was very proud to have been the sponsoring Dealer for this event, it was truly an amazing experience and we cannot wait until next year”, said Dealer Principal of Harley-Davidson® Bloemfontein, Peter Scott. Pieter Swanepoel confirmed that the next Greystone Rally will be held from 29 September to 1 October 2017 and encourages everyone that wants to experience true Free State hospitality to join them next year.

See you there!

Article by: Gerben Van Niekerk
H.O.G.® Photographer: Gerhard Grobler
2015 Photo extract: Sarel Greyling
H.O.G.® Editor: Angelique Dermit

wheelbarrow race around the pool
lawnmower racing wearing some very attractive bloomers