Ride, but Ride Responsibly!

Chapter Organiser: 

"HOGAfrica is committed to responsible riding at all events," reports H.O.G.® regional manager Luis da Silva.

"Our Chapters have been provided with the attached Coronavirus guidelines as a supplement to any national, provincial or city safety laws, rules and regulations." 

Parents are encouraged not to bring their children to events, and we recommend that those with a compromised immune system should refrain from attending - rather stay safe at home! It is hard to stay away from breakfast runs and event - we have all missed riding so much over lockdown. But it is equally important that we all "live to ride" in the future!"

While there are still many unknowns about Coronavirus spread, experts consider risks to be lower in outdoor settings – just the environment we H.O.G. riders reside in!  With big bikes like ours, safe physical-distancing practices are already in place.

We are all still learning the finer details of exactly how the virus is transmitted. We do know that you can infect others even though you experience no symptoms and feel perfectly fine! Therefore to protect ourself and your fellow riders, do everything you can to lessen the spread of Coronavirus.

  • Physical distancing of 2m
  • Frequent hand washing when you touch surfaces
  • Keeping your helmet visor down when riding/speaking
  • Wearing a bandana or mask if people might come within 2m of you unexpectedly.
  • If you have a fever, or have been exposed to COVID-positive environments, please stay home.
  • Please note that light buffs have shown to be less safe than other kinds of face coverings - lucky it's winter!!!


  • Thank you to HOGAfrica photographers Carien & Johan Westcott for the photograph (IFRD 2020)