Slowveld Rainbow Bash with H.O.G. Big 5

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HOGAfrica Photographer Carien had the highest praise for HOG Big 5's Slowveld Rainbow Bash!

"What an awesome rally... one of the best rallies I have attended!

"Big Five Chapter did an outstanding job. The venue - Kwanyoni Lodge in Mbombela - the accommodation, food, ride, company, gifts - all amazing. Around 50 bikes from all the northern chapters enjoyed the scenic ride through the Lowveld to Kwanyoni Lodge. It was great to see such a rainbow pack coming together - riders were hailed from Pretoria, Clearwater, Goldrand, Bloemfontein and of course Big Five.

"On Saturday we took a relaxed ride to the quaint and historic village of Pilgrims Rest where we had Lunch at The Vine Restaurant. Lots of free free time was allowed to chat with new and old friends, and to visit the many places of interest in the area.

"The Gala event on Saturday night was lots of fun, and lots of prizes were given away as well. On the serious side,  generous donations to the value of R35 000 were raised was for Silverdays Old Age Home in Waterval Boven.

Some history...

Chapter Director John Fraser gives some background to the event

"The meaning behind the name Rainbow Slowveld Bash is because we invited seven H.O.G.® chapters to join us at the bash to raise funds for the old age home to help them with food, toiletries and prepaid electricity.

During our participation in the 2019 K.I.D.S Blanket Run an article was published in the local newspaper, The Lowvelder about the SAVF Silverdays old age home in Waterval Boven. Below is the link to the article that was published. We decided then and there that we’ve now done something for the young, now let’s do something for the elderly and the planning started to host a Rainbow Slowveld Bash in 2020 to raise funds to assist the old age home in our local community. 

"Almost a year ago we heard that the Harley Davidson Big Five dealership in Nelspruit will be closing at the end of 2018 and we did not know what to expect with regards to the H.O.G.® Big Five Chapter, would it have to close down as well, because there can’t be a chapter without a sponsoring dealership.

"Luis Da Silva from H.O.G.® Africa gave us an option to remain H.O.G.® Big Five, with him being our sponsoring dealer until (we hope) a new dealership opens in Nelspruit. Meetings were held, surveys were done and the choice was clear for us and that was to stay with H.O.G.® Big Five with Luis as our sponsor.

"The new committee elected in January 2019 has been very successful and our chapter has grown in the last 11 months all due to a great team, some assistance from the previous committee and Luis, as well as having awesome members.

Initially we were planning on only hosting the Rainbow Slowveld Bash in 2020, however after attending the H.O.G.® Clearwater Mustang Rally in July 2019, we discussed the possibility of hosting it in 2019 as the Clearwater members enjoyed the roads in Mpumalanga so much they just wanted to come back, and soon!

We found a venue, booked the dates and had 3 months to organise the event.

We were delighted that 5 of the 7 invited chapters attended and we hope to see more than 7 chapters next year :-)!! We had members from H.O.G. Pretoria, H.O.G. Clearwater, H.O.G. Big Five, H.O.G. Bloemfontein and H.O.G. Gold Rand. We even had the privilege of the national HOGAfrica Photographer attending.

Loads of fun was had during the weekend and lots of riding was done, which is exactly what the other chapters asked for and we raised R35 000 that we delivered to the SAVF Silverdays old age home.

Hoping to see even more chapters and H.O.G.® members at the next Rainbow Slowveld Bash.

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